Backwards Incompatible

I thought Sony was a very respectable, honest company who was the good guy in delivering games and consoles for our enjoyment without affecting our bank. Who in the end dethroned greedy Microsoft and their Xbox One. But all had been thrown out of the window the moment I played “Destiny” when on the PVP section it says:

Requirements not set

PlaystationPlus Membership Required

I felt for a moment frozen and puzzled and I ask why a million or billion dollar company resort to this? Not only this game “Destiny” but other games have mandatory requirements to push the consumer to buy PS Plus in order to play online. On top of paying for the internet, getting a half a game which is $60.00 dollars or more in order to milk it for what it worth resorting to DLC content for extra $.99 to almost $30.00 in some cases and using their latest tactic “Season Pass” that on quote “saves gamers money, it seems Sony went along the current and I’m not amused at all. The reasons why Sony decided to set this rule is an excuse to the additional investment the company has had to make on the network side.  After a massive, chaotic hacker attack on the PS3, two years ago, when Annonymous defended the cause of two players who were using illegal cheats, Sony took their matters into their own hands by punish consumers to spend more to play online on their newest console. So right now you have two choices:

*Pay the extra fee ($9.99 a month, $17.99 for three months or $49.99 for a year) of PS4 Plus Membership


*Enjoy the game half ass, not meeting friends or anything.

Sony shouldn’t be doing this tactic in the first place. As I feel duped after I spent $684.00 including taxes on the console and a game, I will say the guys from Microsoft were honest all the way instead. For Sony instead they could add this quote from now on:

“If you don’t have or afford PS Plus, play on the PS3 instead.”

Seems a totally waste of my money on videogames that Sony and every game developer is being greedy in two years that maybe I could go on another new hobby… knitting.