The Danger of “Hatred:” A resurgence in ultra violent videogames in a period of “Tranquility” is NOT a great idea

Last night I saw a trailer on youtube from an Indie Developer called Destructive Creations delivering their latest creation “Hatred” on PC and I felt flabbergasted. After watching the trailer once I chose to watch it again and to put it nicely, it blew my mind… and not in a good way. After a few decades of innovated, creative videogames that had substance, story, and choices from different alternative environments or versions of the world to distant far away planets around the galaxy; in order to clean up their misconception that videogames bluntly promotes violence. But this latest creation goes back when parents were up in arms when Mortal Kombat was labeled “extreme” and “violent.” At least MK is about a fight for survival, “Hatred” on the other hand is a undiscriminating third person shooter video game that relies on killing innocents for no reason.

This game doesn’t have a deep plot or story except it’s just a lone man who’s beginning to feel tired and angry with the world that he just decides to arm himself with guns and knives and starts a shooting spree at anyone who’s directly or indirectly crosses his path. This game sadly will be aimed at gamers who are constantly bullied, rejected or awkward socially and in many cases with mental illness that might think this game will empowers them to commit shootings in real life. How dangerous is that? It’s plainly a massive shooting simulator and it seems not only disgusting but disturbing at best.

Several video game critics reviewed this game as revolted, extremely violent and extra tacky and I don’t blame them. In a era where shootings are the norm in the US, Destructive Creations which is a Polish company took their talents in a different view to waste in the sea of controversy with this piece of disgusting filth.

Hatred will be available in 2015, that if there’s no ban yet in the US with plans of getting it on Steam.