To Die with Dignity or Die in Shame

Nobody knows the better way to have the perfect birth. Gosh! If we have that chance, I for example, should be born to white parents in a affluent neighborhood and live a nice life or so I think. But nobody knows the perfect death. Death comes unexpected. One day you’re minding your own business and the next day, you’re laid on the floor with your eyes half open lifeless. There’s other issues like accidents, sleeping, and the most common, illness.

A woman in her nearly 30 who have been living the life she was set to from the beginning has decided the unthinkable. With a dangerous diagnosis as brain cancer, and giving her a few months to live, she decided to cut that, going from California to Oregon to “die with dignity.” Her name is Brittany Maynard, but ok, let me think about what’s wrong in this picture.

Based on the 6 minute video on youtube. She didn’t have a traumatic childhood, or traumatic adolescence not even a traumatic adulthood in her picture (that I think of). Mostly, is just how she visited far away places, meeting his “prince charming” and starting a new life… until a slight powerful headaches prompt her to go see the doctor. And that’s what it happened, Brain Cancer or glioblastoma. And since California doesn’t have “die with dignity” bill she moved to Oregon to do it, after she did research on the matter. Human beings can only endured so much and this “person” didn’t want to endure what other people have endured when prognosis like this happen at some point in their lives. Or even worst, a traumatic childhood, adolescence and adulthood that there were days that some people including me thought, “Oh, this is a great day to end my life because, I’m fed up with it.” or “what’s the sense of keeping on living like this (poverty, setbacks, failure), there’ nothing else to live for.” But this person have it easy.

What I suspect is always very easy for me. A spoiled brat? Sure! There’s so many experimental drugs to at least delay the course of the illness but at least it’s buying time, why she didn’t look for it and opted for the last option first? I really don’t know! At least she have money! There’s a lot of people battling cancer that they don’t opt for killing themselves, instead they fight until their last breath, like my sister-in-law and my mother-in-law. Both dealt with cancer and they fought until they passed away. And they’re not rich spoiled brats like that person is and have overcome a lot of humiliations because of the label “low-income.”

Dying with dignity is just a excuse to end a life prematurely when there’s a lot of options out there to at least get help. Poor people are the ones who endure the unthinkable even if they don’t deserve such a tragedy. But his wealthy woman should have the cojones and deal with it! Can she cared about her family, her husband of her decision? Can her family talked to her to withdraw that decision? Perhaps and maybe. This person doesn’t deserve some sympathy from me, she obviously deserves to have a intense conversation of how to accept everything that’s coming for her and deal with it. Hell! I have to deal all that, simple illnesses, setbacks, not having anything to eat from the fridge except water until payday, not having kids. At least she could get dined and travel around the world again… I just stood here surviving and have to deal with it. But Hey! It’s call survival! Deal with it!