Not a Big Deal, Move Along!

The issue about feminism bitching and complaining about certain issues that has nothing to do with their ideals seems like a bad cracked joke you heard before over and over for a period of years and you’re in the point of either ignore it, or throw where ever you can find at the bad joker. This time the social injustice media who doesn’t seem to know good from right is “outraged” at certain T-shirts that Walmart, Target and JC Penney has in store and online.

Let me tell you this T-shirt. There’s nothing offensive about being a wife! Being a wife, a mother, a friend to his companion has a lot of gratifications and blessings than being just the superhero. I don’t know why feminists see marriage as a wrong road to a woman’s life when in reality is her role, period. If they want to be just Batman, they must have a penis which they lack off. Like I told you guys before over and over, women are the weak sex, they’re not strong enough to handle stresses or strength like the men does. They can’t even do pullups themselves and they’re demanding to eliminate this type of exercise from the US Army. So, the issue of sexism in t-shirts like this is out of the question. If you want to see offensive, check out t-shirt that might say “I’m a Slut.” Oh wait they have those already!

Who’s gonna date a villain? Someone who’s an abuser, woman beater, lazy ass man? The word Hero has a lot of significance. It could stem from a lot of virtues and abilities that can help others feel safe in a dangerous environments and situations. Not necessarily has to be like Superman, Batman or any other, even a truck driver or a man can do great feats. That’s why Men’s role is to keep and protect the ones that hold dear. And it’s not a easy one and women definitely can’t do themselves. The concept of “hero” and “hero’s wife” in society is the same as “Man” and Man’s Wife” as men belong being the providers and protectors and the women have to take care of his kids and take care of the household. So, why feminists considers these T-shirt offensive? It’s because they want to feel important when they didn’t do absolutely nothing constructive to society for decades. What’s offends me is the concept of “single mother”, “Slut”, “Welfare Queens”, “Bad Mother”, “Gold Digger” among other negative names and are labeled not only on T-shirts but on tattoos as well. We should thank the feminist movement for that. Move along, there’s nothing to see, this is what it suppose to be. A man and a woman, not a lonely hateful man and a lonely hateful, angered hag.