We Are Fucked!

It’s offensive to say this words on the main tittle, but to reach you guys into your thick skulls, this is what I think about the Ebola virus that finally arrived in the US: “I told you so!” Bringing these people from Africa to then taking care of them in Atlanta was the biggest mistake they ever done. And not only that, they were focused on two people when they let go a small group of individuals that didn’t know they have the disease and guess where it started? In the heart of Texas! A man who visited Liberia, Thomas Duncan came back feeling ill and on Sept 28 he went to the hospital and tested positive for Ebola. But it was the second visit there. Most hospitals doesn’t have an effective strategy when cases like these arrived. He was in the airplane and didn’t know, and the passengers didn’t know it either. So they have to identify the man, they have to find out the passengers and tests those passengers and also investigate where the man was headed into the airport.

And this is what scares me, most people doesn’t know what’s the symptoms of Ebola. It can be confused like the common flu or cold. Also, it can be transmitted thought body fluids, that includes when someone sneeze or even shake hands that obviously hasn’t cleaned properly, that’s when it happens. We have to be seriously cautious with who or which places we are going. The American people have to be informed. Since Ebola can’t be cured, it can be controlled through a combination of antibiotics, blood pressure medications, and more important Oxygen for breathing problems.

Now from one man it turned out today to be 80 patients. It’s scary as it is. It’s panic! And the government? Well, thank you! Taking their breaks on vacations in far away lands instead of making an effective plan to fix this issue without alarming the public. In the meantime, we are sheep to the slaughter, and worst we don’t have the necessary cojones to revolt against a government that has been obeying the rich elite since the beginning of time. There’s going to be a lot of people dead, at the cost of capitalism because of that! The biggest mistake they ever done was not restricting people from Africa that has been in contact with Ebola patients to come to the States. And there you have it, we have a severe outbreak. This is NOT a bumpy ride, my friends! This is a nightmare!

How do you know about Ebola

It indicates the symptoms and treatment of this dangerous illness. Stay inform. Stop watching reality TV, this is your reality, your fight for survival!