Sisterhood Collapse

Yesterday night I watch a random show on Lifetime called “Girlfriend Intervention” in which four African-American women offer advise and tips to white women who just let themselves go over the years. During the whole hour of the show these sassy girls were acting like they’re happy, confident and vibrant delivering their culture and who they are to white hand me down women. And that’s when it hit me. If black women were instead of fighting over stupid idiotic issues like who’s cheating who, dressing in rags in unknown places and having their self-esteem on the floor, I’ll bet these women will change them for the better if they have a show to help Black Women and at least feel empowered. But the reality of the matter is Black Women are still broken in an urgent need of repair from the inside out. Why there’s no show catering the help these women on the path of reconstruction instead of destruction? Many shows from talk shows to reality tv always catering Black women as a lost cause and society is buys it and assume all Black women are sluts, welfare queens, lazy, fat, with no goals or direction in their broken lives, selfish, self-centered, loners, among other negative stereotype titles. Black women has lost their way, their own identity and gained this false identity of straight European hair covering their original natural hair, all while using white bleaching cream with dangerous results, putting false eye color on their eyes, because they don’t feel accepted or even appreciated by society. And it all started when they’re born.

If any Black Women could be empowered like these women, they will move mountains, they will do anything their minds are set into. They could have the confidence, their positive attitude, all because they have a chain of good friends that can guide them to reach their dreams. Without it, they’re clueless. And that’s what happening today, as a lot of Black Women are lost in translation of who are they’re aspire to be and where they’re going. Mistrustful towards others and themselves.

Right now, we need healing, no judging or unfair sentencing and definitely no media to tell Black Women to be in their wrongful place.