If you’re more than your body, COVER IT UP!

17 year old Rebecca Brunetta (with cig in hand) complaining about school dress code in NY.

This is the thing about feminists. They always cry wolf when issues like rape or sexual abuse along with a little bit of domestic violence comes to play. Exaggerating everything, lie about certain points and you got a sob story. Now it’s the Public School’s turn. In New York, the principal instructed a strict dress code which is dress for success, a lot of these females mostly 100-200 of them declined to dress appropriately and decided to dress what ever they found on their closets to wear. The men didn’t have any problem with it. Now, in another Public School in Utah, the school district decided to put strict dress codes for the homecoming dance and a group of girls were denied entry because of what they were wearing. The aftermath however was in terms of walking out of the school. Seriously? Are you consider leaving the school because you didn’t obey their rules of how to wear at a homecoming party, skipping your education just because you were dressing like a whore? Come on! This is just as ridiculous as the feminist movement decided to “make a life” for themselves and failed miserably over the course of decades, destroying marriages, having out of wedlock kids and behaving like red light prostitutes. Seriously? You have to be kidding me! And that’s not all, their opinions about men can’t control themselves when it comes to having interactions with the opposite sex is completely out of hand followed by a great piece of boloney. I’m sorry, if you dress like a whore, you get treated like a whore. If you dress like a woman, you get treated like a woman. Sounds easy? Sure! But it’s not men fault that they’re so “prone” to commit violence towards women, the women starts and the men finish. Men on the other hand have to be guided by them. Remember Adam and Eve? Adam was convinced of Eve of taking the damn apple and look what we have become over the course of centuries. A incompatible/compatible reproductive couple with different roles.

That’s not all, one of the comments justifies their behavior of dressing like Kim Kardashian and Co., acting like Nicki Minaj and feel sorry for themselves afterwards like Olivia Pope when one of the students said: I’m tired of going to a sexist school everyday, and having to listen to men tell me to dress modestly as to not distract them. I am more than my body.” Well, here’s a strict advise for you or any other girl out there. You want to stop being scrutinized and stop complaining about men looking at you? Cover it up! I’m not telling you to wear burka and a long sweaty skirt, I’m telling you to wear something that’s comfortable and to avoid leaving up the imagination of men. When you dress like a lady, men are going to treat you like a lady. You can’t go to a job interview in yoga pants and a tank top, no matter how good looking you are. You go to the job interview with a skirt below the knee and blouse or office pants and a blouse. The same thing with school. You can’t go in pajama pants, tank top or more revealing clothing or hairstyles that can distract the students and the teachers. School isn’t a fashion show! School is for learning for the next step which is going to college. Feminists have to deal with the fact that if you dress like a whore, society will treat them like a whore.