Shove Me, Shove You

Women have been fighting for birth control rights for ever and this is one of these stories that address it. A minimum wage CNA aide Jennifer Ann Whallen who is also a single mother found out her daughter is pregnant. Since in the rural area of Pennsylvania doesn’t have the proper abortion clinics nearby (the closest is 74 miles which is a 90 minute round trip) she decided to get the controversial pill RU486 over the internet for her daughter. In a few days her daughter was in the hospital for severe bleeding, and later on Jennifer got arrested. If convicted, she will be faced with almost a year in prison and some hours of community service. Meanwhile, when single mothers can’t complete their high school diploma because they decided to keep the baby instead of giving it away to “responsible” infertile parents who can take care of, they become dependent on social programs and stuck in poverty for the rest of their lives. A few can break the circle, but that’s a small percent, the rest are just making mistakes after another while their kids are lacking the proper attention and care they need in their first years of life. This act by this single mother is understandable even in the fact that even with sex education in public schools, you can’t teach stupid, and this woman did best to not letting her daughter have the same mistake of having a kid at 16. Even if she have to be in jail. Even if she have to be judged severely by “righteous” hypocrite so-called Christians, Republicans, Moralists and even the Government. This woman didn’t want her daughter face the same or worst experience of being a single mother like she did. Many single mothers doesn’t have the proper tools to bring their children a proper moral background, instead they just focus on surviving on what they can, with two or three jobs while leaving their children to the care of families and relatives until they find a better quality of life, which they never reach and are stuck until their children reach puberty. These single mothers have to sacrifice the time of spending with their children to working for long hours for miserable pay, they have to also sacrifice a lot of themselves. But many others sadly goes for the indifference, regret and anger and their children are paying the price. And yes when they hit puberty, they’re more prone to repeat the mistakes the mother did, which is getting pregnant or making a girl pregnant. This is not about ending a life that wasn’t born yet, this is about avoiding heartaches in the long run for her daughter. How many will choose the same choice when incidents like these happen in their families?