Yesterday I caught on my phone a video on my youtube feed from Paul Elam. For a lot of people who doesn’t know this guy, he’s basically a man who despise the feminist movement uncovering what’s this organization is doing to society. There’s a video he posted that interested me which is named “Mother Beats Infant and Leaves Him Beside Trash Outside for Father to Find” (Viewer Discretion Advised). In this video, it shows a Black man with his camera taking shots of what it seems to be the front of his house and then out of nowhere he saw his son with black eyes and a little bit of blood on his nose. It was hard to watch as I continued looking for what’s next. What embarrassed me the most is the girlfriend who is 22 years old, acting like a heartless cunt beating his own son from her own flesh and blood like a discarded piece of junk to then place his tiny defenseless body outside in the cold (it’s fall already) for the dad to pick up. At least the good part of it besides the bruising and some cuts is that the baby has a baby carrier.

Dalishia Salter, allegedly hit her 11 month son in an act of rage to then later place him outside in the porch for David Bryant to see. What happens, is history. The father got shocked, cried and demand her wife or girlfriend why she hit his own son in a attack of rage.

In my own words, don’t know how to express the sadness of what some Black women have become over the course of decades to be acting like the worst species on earth who are completely narcissistic, selfish, immature, thieves with super low moral compass in their lives, foul mouthed, with bad attitude problems, quick to temper tantrums, egocentric monsters and attention grabbers. Who obviously care about themselves but not towards others. Who lacks empathy, love and common sense.

And that’s not all since now David Bryant is being unfairly charged with child endangerment after Dalishia Salter “lied” to police that he thrown a flat tv at the baby. I’m sorry but that baby would be dead if a flat tv came on top of him. And the trick for her is if she’s screwed up, she have to take everyone closer with her. That means the baby, and boyfriend/husband are paying the price. Dalishia is free on 25k bond meanwhile David is still a fugitive.

But here’s the deal. Black community isn’t united unless someone is killed unfairly or something but not helping their own girls. Black women in the other hand are the most underestimated, abused, beaten, set aside, unloved, unappreciated and even killed ever since they’re born. Society has treat them and they’re reaping what society has sow on putting in them mistrust, self-hate, low-self esteem, confidence issues. Most of them doesn’t know their true potential and instead they believe words like “You’re ugly” “You’re fat” “You’re a nigger” “You are nobody” among other hurtful words. These girls were under a stressful life of physical, mental and sexual abuse from their childhood to adults to later blossom into these creatures that sadly are repeating the circles of abuse as adults. Why the Black “community” doesn’t put their foot in the ground and start rebuilding these girls? Society specially white supremacy is destroying these girls in the worst way possible to extinct their lives. Dalishia or any black women aren’t the only cases that we have to incite more hate and violence towards them. Instead of hating them, we should help them getting into the right path to self independence. Sounds easy, right? Nope! It’s very hard and impossible to fix this issue. They rather prefer the easy way. Crushing their spirit, their dreams and their purpose and they end up with an empty shell of themselves, emotionally detached, hopeless, unable to trust them and worst of all, hated.