Fashion Statement: The Perfect/Imperfect Utopia Films

The Giver. In Theaters Now.

Yesterday, I watched The Giver and it was one of these movies that started with the “happiness” of being in a community “freely” consisting on putting them on different jobs for different people and when they get old they’re going to elsewhere. By age 9, they’re assigned a bicycle, by their late teens they’re assigned to have a job that helps their society grow and by their senior years they’re “retired.” No pain, no war, no sadness, no conflicts, no superiority complex, no MGTOW (Men Goes Their Own Way), and certainly no feminism. It was viewed by the residents, a perfect world. Their laws were pretty simple. There’s a curfew, they never lie, and have to take their medicine everyday. But, it was nothing but perfect when the old elders chose a kid named Jonas to be his successor. In his training he discovers a lot of feelings he never think he could experience such as love, adventure and true happiness. It also shows the bad side, the sickness, the war, sadness, conflicts and all negativity. The reality of the matter is that The Giver portrayed as Jeff Bridges showed the reality of his community showing a hologram where Jonas father was soothing a baby to later kill it and place it in a box discarding it away. Now Jonas have to get his courage up to save a community even if he risk his life getting out of the safe zone.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Now, as every freaking utopia movies in the past, it always represents what their vision of utopia could be. A society that obviously can’t feel anything because they are sedated in a semi-zombie state and set up to roles that can’t complain and can’t revolt. With controlling rules, they’re obviously content. They have this illusion that they’re safe, protected, conformed. And as every utopia there’s a man or girl who suddenly questions everything about this or that issue and rapidly discover the other side of the community, the real darker side of it and it’s not a pretty good one. In brutal honesty, communities are discarding the defective newborns and killing the old. In other utopias like the movie Elysium, Judge Dredd (with Sylvester Stallone), Demolition Man, Upside Down or Snowpiercer is about class warfare where the rich are in one side, and the poor on the other side. Books like The Hunger Games (now in it’s third first part installment in theaters), 1984 among others, shows a very competitive spirit against censorship, oppression and control while being punished for revolting against a system that obviously doesn’t give a rat ass.

The Giver: Map of their community.
Mason in Snowpiercer

But why so many films in the last year are about an controlling environment where people are sedated not realizing what’s actually going on? All while someone or some group attempts to restore the balance of what it suppose to be no matter the consequences. Doesn’t sound like what we are experiencing right now? Doesn’t sound like the poor are below while the richer gets more? In the real world, society kills babies even before they’re born if they find any defect that can jeopardize their parents and society well being. They are overly medicated with drugs (legal or illegal), entertainment, sports, electric gadgets among other sources because it helps them distract and often forget themselves from doing a lot about the injustice that has been going on in their lives and all around them for years. And don’t forget about the elderly that gets killed under strenuous humiliation and abuse in privatized facilities known as Nursing Homes. It seems like the movie The Giver, they’re just looking black and white instead of looking the real colors. In other words, they’re content even if they lose their jobs, habitat, or their own lives in the process. In the meantime, the rich are exempt from sending their own kids to war, exempt from paying taxes fairly, exempt from being honest. The poor on the other hand have to sacrifice everything and the rich elite wants that way. Voting isn’t enough to bring justice and fairness this country needs since there’s always some corporation group or associations cheating, and bribing on candidates in exchange for covering up their infractions. Revolution is the answer. But since the rich elite controls the government, pharmaceuticals, military and even entertainment, people specially Americans are not realizing the destruction is around the corner and are unprepared to defend themselves. One hit… that’s all it takes to convert this country into an unwanted utopia 100%.  We are reaching 70%.