The Future of Employment

Imagine yourself getting a new job that will help you be independent and break the circle of dependency from the government. After 12 or so years, working for this guy, being responsible, hard working individual you found out you have cancer. And so you tell your employer and what does he do? Instead of helping you, giving you a hand, supporting you in every way, he just give you a lay off letter.

That’s what happened in Pittsburgh when a Oral dentist named George Visnich wrote this letter to his long time employee Carol Jumper who worked for this sack of shit for 12 years. In August she was lay off because “the battle against cancer will demand her physically, mentally and emotionally”. And that’s not all, he emphasized that “her symptoms along with the side effects of medications and chemo will be significant and distracting.” And that’s why in his own opinion she will “not” be able to function in his office at the level required while battling for her life and George let Carol go.

So, let me explain the laws of unemployment in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is a “forced” unionism state which means if Carol should be lay off for that silly little unprofessional note that the doctor wrote, he will be forced to pay fines for his screw up. That if, Carol is part of the union. But since she’s not, there’s other options. As in every state Carol could receive unemployment benefits if she lost the job because of something that wasn’t her fault. But here’s the catch, the payment is half of what she received when she was employed. And half doesn’t necessarily cover the expenses she have to pay, so she’s in a lot of a pickle. So what’s the other options? Applying for Food Stamps which since she’s laid off and she might be eligible for unemployment benefits could be another step she could be doing. Sometimes they receive cash assistance, but that’s in cases when she’s deems disabled which is another step she have to do. Applying for SSI benefits which is a hassle, but a Cancer patient such as Carol “can’t function in any office at the level required”,  she might be entitled to receive these benefits. If it’s medical related, Medicaid will take care of that since she’s going off the path to low income, she will receive these benefits for treating her cancer.

In other terms, she will be “better” off depending on the government for help since this bastard can’t “afford” his long standing asset. Now she’s a liability and have to be eliminated because of the loss of the cost associated with health benefits, taxes and all sort of “inconvenience.” Well, for that inconvenience, the social media is up in arms against this “poor” man who did what he didn’t supposed to do and he’s really paying it. By the lack of clientele and the huge amount of bills to pay afterward I think he had enough. But still, he’s NOT going to put Carol back into the workforce and for that his business is going downhill. He got what he deserve and much, much more.