Mistaken Identity Fuckoffs

In LA, some police bastards handcuffed a Black Woman but it’s not because she committed a crime, but because they “assumed” that she was a prostitute. Danielle Watts, who participated in the movie Django Unchained and she’s now in a TV series Partners with Martin Lawrence was handcuffed by the LA police because they think she was a prostitute was showing public displays of affection with her husband. Ok, that’s when it goes out of the line! So that’s means that a Black Woman cannot kiss or hug or whatever with her husband, a white husband without being conflicted with the police? And what’s worst, LA Police confused her husband as a John. I mean, like I told in prior post, we’re judged unfairly based on the color of their skin. Hey! At least, they let her go easy because there was NO PROOF she’s doing it for cash. She’s an ACTRESS! She have plenty of cash to spend. NOT A WHORE!

But in another case it didn’t end well when in 2006, Dymond Milburn was severally beaten by police because they assumed she was a prostitute. In fact, she was an honor student who went outside to turn in the breaker located downstairs and she have to go outside for it. And three policemen including a Sergeant, were abusing this girl physically to the point that Dymond has multiple blows to the head, nose, throat, lower back, left shoulder, and left hip/waist area. For that experience she suffers PTSD, and that’s not all. These police jackasses who committed a unfair treatment against a kid (now she’s 21) they’re still free, while she have to deal with her trauma for the rest of her life.

This so-called Post-Racial, Post Civil Rights isn’t getting the respect or should I say, it’s just a charade to cover up the centuries old tradition to try to exterminate Blacks or in the most “polite” way destroy their will, their spirit and move on with their lives. It seems to me that they still think that Blacks are just a societal burden to be eliminated after the government set them free.