Close But No Cigar

Two days ago, the whole bad kid/good cop incident between Mike Brown and Darren Wilson hit another snag when alternative media showed confirmation that Mike indeed paid for his cigars the moment he went into the store with his best buddy. On my prior post, in the video there were something that started as a confrontation between Mike and the clerk of the store. It seems to me that a big misunderstanding goes a long way, but not ending up in his own death by a dumb cop who couldn’t differentiate between one black guy or another black guy and couldn’t handled the correct procedure to arrest him if that were the case.

The mainstream media always make a mistake to react to conclusions instead of asking questions and finding out what’s truly going on later and it’s embarrassing that CNN, Fox News, MSNBC or any other mainstream news outlets are making the same mistake over and over to “impact” the public. Remember the KFC scarred girl Victoria Wilcher? Remember the mother who worked at MCDonalds who left her child alone in the park while she was working? Remember another mom who is homeless, wrote an ad on asking for someone who could take care of her kids? It just for shocking the people into judging the person as the evil being, instead of finding out what it took that person to choose this decision or in the Victoria Wilcher, if it was true, the blame the KFC employees and company for “treating” customers like crap.

It’s all called assumption. And you know what people could say this, it’s the mother of all screw up’s. I think the media should take sensitivity classes, along with hiring investigators to figure it out if it’s true or not and then deliver the news when all is in the green. If they investigated full into that account, Mike Brown shouldn’t be labeled a “criminal from the ghetto who just stole cigars and got what he deserve.” It will be an innocent young kid killed by Police based on his race.