Attacked in All Fronts

United States is definitely in deep challenge of maintaining the order when there’s a lot of holes in the wall while the water it reserves flows away. Not trying to be poetic or anything like that but, seriously what’s United States is trying to prove here by skipping domestic problems when they are trying to solve foreign ones? A few examples of these issues is the importation of illegal orphans placed in undisclosed buildings followed by the complicated and violent protests in Ferguson and now the beheading on a freelancer journalist caught on video courtesy of ISIS. Comparing to the real problems such as fixing Obamacare, job shortage, poverty increasing communities is like the government has given up on helping a long time ago resorting to lullaby words of “Don’t Panic, Everything is Going to Be Alright,” while waiting on next year to post themselves for Presidential Candidacy. Is that all politician’s dream? To sit in the oval office, being pampered like royalty, going on vacations while ignoring the serious problems that bothers and annoys the nation? It seems to me that Americans are starting to wake up from their slumber, but in the wrong location, and wrong circumstances. We are starting to fight each other over the issue of race like the 1950’s, not being together instead of demanding just a simple request of impeaching the president who sadly isn’t what his people were looking for. And the government is pleased! In other terms we the People has lost and they, the rich elite has won.

Meanwhile, this disorganization of services, the way it handles the money in the wrong hands are also the reasons why the US is in such in a economical laughingstock to the rest of the world from Education to how they treat their veterans, while China (former laughingstock) is growing aggressively and buying anything that stands in their way. The US cares only about it’s millionaire population, never the ones who always sacrifice body, mind and spirit to at least put food on the table, keep the roof in their heads and sustain and provide to their families.

In other words, we have to do truly something to stop this government corruption, otherwise the ones who suffer will be us. Oh wait! We’re suffering already!