Short Notices

The Road to Ferguson

Some of the bloggers out there on WordPress decided to travel to the war zone or ground zero (Ferguson), to offer support and a solid cause for supporting their kind. I wish I can go, honestly capture every moment, trust me I do. But I have obligations and duties to do like any one who is living paycheck to paycheck. So, I wish them well, just be safe, do it for the sake of helping a community, not for the sake of getting attention and ratings.

Taylor Swift “Offensive Video”

The pop-country star delivered her new video “Shake it off” on youtube yesterday and the comments couldn’t wait. As I see and deal with her screeching childish voice blended with autotune software there’s images from Ballet classes to “Lady Gaga” look alike and the most controversial image of a group of females including two dark skin women twerking and moving their ass like jello. It’s not offensive, it’s how white people visualized black women and it has been for a long time. Black women have been oversexualized beyond repair to be sexual objects, not candidates to be able to be married and build a family. And sadly, while white community make fun of Black Women, Black Men bullies and denigrates his half in treating them like disposable toys to be throwed away. Black women deserve to be more than botton bitches, ho’s, and all the negative stereotypes. Of course, Taylor Swift should re-make the video! But it’s about supply and demand, capitalism and making a profit for her chipmunk album. In the meantime Black women have a serious problem in their hands, not butts.

Ice Bucket Stupidity

This is just a fashion fad, and it started as a fundraiser from ALS to Cancer which consist on a big bucket full of cold chilled ice covered water and dump it on themselves. Even Lady Gaga did the challenge in a creepy way. But still, they could dump as much cold water as they want, even cut their hair, paint their hair purple, being thrown down to a pool full of chocolate pudding and still, thousands die, many are finding their diagnosis and a lot of people are finding a rock and a hard place to get money for their treatments. Meanwhile, Big Pharma is getting their pockets richer while the pockets of a lot of Americans comes up empty. Challenges are good and fun, but that’s about it. They should focus another type of energy such as protests to the white house demanding changes in health care practices and policies.

Have a nice Tuesday!