Mike Brown Update: There’s no Excuse!

Yesterday, after a long a frustrated wait on trying to look for the video footage of the moments that police claimed that Mike Brown was stealing cigs out of a convenience store, finally it got online on youtube and the comments below were horrendously awful saying most in part “He got what he deserved,” to more offensive racist remarks. Ok, in my own opinion he DOESN’T DESERVE BEING KILLED! Like any other person who commit such a petty crime by stealing cigs or any small stuff, the charges for doing so, is to be arrested, have a small stint in jail and being held on to a judge to carry a sentence. Not shooting him in the head and while Mike was on the floor, Darren Wilson continued to shoot him like he was a kind of a pest. In the northwest, I see and heard first hand, individuals from small kids to grown adults stealing from deli food to even two cases of beer and it’s a small town! Police handled the case, apprehend the person responsible and gives him/her the sentence. Camera’s don’t lie unless, they used some cgi software to make it look like a scene from the Running Man. But either way as I explained earlier in my post, why the cop didn’t use tazer or brute force to capture Mike and his friend? Because arresting a person, unarmed and violent takes a certain skill and huge amounts of adrenaline to even subdue the individual, something that US cops lacks and they resort to use weapons instead. Another thing, he supposed to have a partner in cases like these.

In the video there’s Mike and his buddy, who survived the ordeal, getting inside the store like nothing happened. They weren’t nervous or edgy as they look for the cigs. Meanwhile, while Mike was on front of the counter asked the clerk for the cigs. And I think it escalated from there. It could be a few options:

  • The Clerk ask for his ID
  • Insulting Mike calling any racist remarks

Mike opted for taking the cigs without paying for them which was a big mistake on his part. The clerk immediately tried to stop them, but he was shoved by Mike and then looked at the clerk defiantly before exiting the store.

In this video Mike wasn’t:

  • Carrying any type of gun not even a kitchen knife
  • Wasn’t in the “quest” of stealing the cigs, putting it on the pocket like some other people do

It was something that went off to the path of his own demise and the whole community is still affected by it. The police Department however should learn from it by seeing this video:


Noted that these cops from the UK, didn’t resort to using firearms to subdue the criminal. Even one policeman got a severe concussion, they grab this fella until more cops arrived at the scene. See the organization? Immediately an officer was taking notes of the incident to avoid further legal actions, a group of cops carried the criminal to jail and the injured man to the Hospital. There were cameras in the area they’re in, something that St. Louis missed and even there’s a lot of witnesses, and some phone cam use, the most important clue the dash cam is still unopened to the public but still there’s assumptions over the words from the witnesses and how the police handled the case.

In other words, they fucked it up, BIG TIME!


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