Long and Behold: A False Lullaby to Calm the Masses

In the recent events of Mike Brown tragedy, CNN and other government controlled news media shows these news just to simply:

Letting citizens know what happened, even thought in the most majority of the case is a lie.

To control the masses and get over with their lives, while continuing to oppress the minority and get away with it.

Now, it says that Michael Brown, the young guy that was going to a tech college was “caught” stealing cigarettes at a convenience store along with his buddy. The police on the other hand received a distress call of the incident. And then… the rest is history, a killed man for no reason, a “injured” police officer and a shameful community in arms to see the truth of what happened in Ferguson.

There’s still many questions about the whole incident, to why this police officer Darren Wilson decided to end Mike’s life instead of using non-lethal weapons like Tazers and proceed to his “arrest” if that was the reason. Second, why they have to wait a lot of days to do a press release after the whole aftermath, seeing all the protests, rallies and riots are not only trying, but visualize Blacks look awfully bad to the whole world?

What about Ferguson citizens? Are they’re satisfied with the outcome? No and Nope.

Still, there’s “incriminating” photos of what it appears to be Big Mike in a convenience store “stealing” cigs. But only him, what about his buddy that was with him at the moment of his killing? Another thing, where’s the video of the scene? Pictures can be Photoshopped for their own benefit. And not only the convenience store photo, but the police dash cam video as well and press charges against the cop who killed him. It only adds a massive amounts of fuel to the burning fire.

Another thing, what about NAACP, Poverty Law Center, National Urban League and any other organizations including Nation of Islam and the controversial The New Black Panthers that caters African-American people but when it comes issues like that they remain silent. The Black Community is surely by themselves when real problems arise and there’s no effective guidance to make their words heard. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2014, or 1950’s, still the chains of racism, inferiority and discrimination still exists today and it’s impossible to break the chains.

The Black Community doesn’t want pity, they want respect and opportunity to be productive citizens.

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