In Memoriam: Robin Williams

After a girls day out yesterday afternoon, I came home and as always check on the news. All of the sudden I just shouted when I saw in big letters on the front page this unfortunate news:

“Robin Williams dead at 63”

How can it be? I mean he was a very active comedian/actor, he couldn’t die, not now, not in a couple of decades! He still has a lot to give to the public, to the crowds all around the world what new material he has to make them laughing or impress. As I read this sensationalist news on yahoo it specified it was suicide. Seriously? Suicide? What happens with privacy and wait for a few days or at least a few weeks to notify the public what’s the real cause of his death? So-called reporters didn’t respect this man and instead publish his battles and problems rather than his accomplishments and successes that were greater, don’t forget about his charitable actions toward charities and even strangers. And I never met the man. I watched his movies, his TV-shows, and still I’m amazed at his comedic style, and his award winning drama skills. And definitely he or his living family don’t deserve to be treated like a failed movie star or a crappy reality douchebag, specially when that person fades away for ever.

He was a human being delivering laughs at a faster rate. He was indeed a family man, a charitable man and as any other person he had battles he could overcome. But as most comedians, he succumb at his weak point of his life. Please, in the middle of all the chaos going on around us, it would be best if we all remember him, enjoy his movies, his stand-up comedy, and let him and his family know we care and we thank him for his glorious, fabulous efforts.

Rest In Peace, Robin



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