We Can’t Just Get Along Anymore

A Looter in a supermarket in St. Louis with a Trayton Martin T-shirt

Remember these iconic words from the late Rodney King on a press conference decades ago after the Black Community riot the streets of California? He was saying these words in order to calm the population who is angered by the unjust verdict of the cops that nearly killed him go free.

The reason for these words it was to “calm” the Black community and start rebuilding. But right now these words doesn’t make effect. The huge arise in police brutality specially towards Black Men has led a stain in the Black community that it reminiscing the pre-Civil rights era where Black people were hidden in their homes and minding their own business frightened with authority figures most of their lives, being unable to be productive citizens. Their stress is seriously ready to explode and this incident in St. Louis where a unarmed college student was killed by police was the catalyst to have it’s own people to riot. They could protest peacefully all they want, but do the authority, government figures and even the president listened? Did they place their hands in signing bills that can help minorities not being frisked, racial profiled and arrested without merit or reason? I didn’t see that from the moment an innocent kid wearing just a hood was killed, just because of how he was dressed. So, the government have been looking elsewhere while cops and jackasses kills Black men and women. I’m honesty fed up with the so-called Diversity that it doesn’t exist. Diversity existed for Caucasians to feel “sorry” for other minorities and give them positions that I could dream of, but without shedding a sweat. Remember Affirmative Action? Meanwhile, Black women becomes dependent of the system while Black men are in jail or killed because they don’t have the same opportunities than Caucasians has. Seriously it’s Eugenics at work. Meanwhile Black community organizations doesn’t know what’s their priorities except when issues like killing an innocent black man arises, they come clueless to draw protests and rallies trying to get a point. But they didn’t show up when the Black community organizations are falling apart of the main problems and fix it. More than that, heal it’s people. But all they want is their 15 minutes no matter if a kid of their own finish High School and goes into College to then being killed.

It’s frustrating to see Black Males who did the right thing being killed and others who were stopped by police being arrested for no circumstance, no reason starting the chain of delinquency and crime for the rest of their lives. And it proves that, Blacks are disappearing. Their structure of traditional family is non existent, black women are denigrated, treated like scum being alone for the rest of their lives and men are killed or in jail. Being judged for so long, they need something to prove they’re not what society thinks they are but their hands are in a bind, as they don’t know what they could to make their message, their talents, their skills known.

But in the end, we just lie killed on the pavement. A grieving angered mother wants answers, and a community that is sick and tired of being labeled trash revolts with violence.

My condolences and prayers to Mike Brown’s mother who sacrificed herself to have his son goes to college. And thanks to the St. Louis Police Dept. for killing his dream by ending his life for no reason at all.