Short Notices

Here’s what’s bothers me and what’s the news that I rather not give a rat’s ass about…

Obama’s First Daughter Malia in Lollapaloosa

Who cares? I never been to one (I wanted to when they started in the 90’s) so how I’m going to put an attention to the daughter of a president that doesn’t care shit about the rest of the population and allow this child to be in a drug/alcohol infested venue? I think the 16 year old doesn’t know about priorities like setting an example just like her mom but instead is just the opposite. Lollapaloosa isn’t what it meant to be. Now it’s commercialized garbage and celebrities ruins it even farther.


Beyonce and Jay-Z Marriage Woes

The power couple isn’t powerful anymore with cheating scandals and rumors caused by Jay-Z ever since the elevator incident a few months ago. But should I put my eyes to know what’s next for this couple? No. I’m not interested, since celebrities cheat each other while making a faux impression they’re still together. That’s what happens when there’s no morals and backbone in relationships, it will crumbled like hard burned chocolate cookie. Now everybody involved in their marital problem wants a piece of the cake and eat it too. Marital problems should be kept private, why opening up in front of everybody like an old crusted book? For your entertainment and amusement, of course! If they weren’t talented enough.

Ebola, My Brother

This is seriously frightening, people! A doctor and an assistant infected with the Ebola virus arrived at an Atlanta hospital in the US. But why there’s no people protesting about it like they did in California when undocumented children were transported somewhere? What happens when some employee is infected by having an accident and didn’t report the accident or grab some blood sample and infect people around him/her? This is very fragile, and the doctor and the assistant aren’t lab rats to be played with. They’re human beings and in my own opinion, they should stay there, not bringing here to be “treated.” Is their choice to travel to a foreign country and it’s their choice to catch the virus and it’s definitely is their choice to die there.  Sorry about my harshness but that’s what happens when so-called doctors choose to go overseas than helping the uninsured in this country. Yes, as the character Mason from the movie Snowpiercer, quoted “So it is.”

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