Sensitive Punks

WTF is going on here? This politically correct ideas is ruining the common sense on people over what’s offensive and what’s not. Paramount in Australia showed a poster promoting the new TMNT movie that will be scheduled on Sept. 11:

It’s just four turtles jumping out of a exploding building. And the crowds went bezerk on social media insulting Paramount for that insensitive promotion. Ok, let’s stop at that, please! 9/11 happened 13 years ago, right? So, why it’s an insult posting this? From whom? Sensitive douchebags? Well, it wasn’t an insult when Die Hard came out decades ago:

Or Any other showing explosions and destruction in NY:



If any poster showed any explosions in NY, people should be demanding any film company for it’s removal and replaced it to an image that doesn’t “represent” that “horrible” day of infamy. But since it’s a definitely a free country unless, our rights are being taking away they have the right to bitch and moan over the most stupidest issue such as name calling, shaming over body, wear, color of their skin when in fact we’re acting like little immature kids. We honestly have other important issues than complaining at a poster.



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