Few Notices

Get a C-Section or Child Services will take your Baby

This comes out pretty disturbing. A mother in Florida was forced to deliver the baby due C-Section otherwise the mother will face legal repercussions such as calling Social Services if she delivered the baby through vaginal birth. The government controls what women should have kids, now it tries to tell women how should deliver their own babies it sounds very fascist and controlling to me. On the fact that cesarean birth are more expensive than vaginal birth, because of the anesthesia and other items needed to “help” this woman deliver the baby safely. Cesarean should be used in circumstances where the mother is unable to deliver the baby normally, not day to day basis. This will help Hospitals earn more money doing C-Sections than normal births.  Mothers should have that right to have their baby and the Hospital should shut the hell up.

Fashion Statement: Leaving Kids Everywhere

I just wonder why they have kids in the first place to begin with? Since the tragic incident that a father left his own toddler inside his car to die, and another mother leaving a daughter in the park while working at Mc Donalds, there’s other incidents that actually makes me think about child safety in the hands of their own parents. Just for 16 minutes grocery shopping a mother in Atlanta was arrested for leaving their four children ages 1 thru 6 in her car. And another mother leaving her son in a park for hours in South Carolina it makes me think about infertile couples trying to have a baby and they can’t. There’s a lot of children out there that needs to have proper care and these jackasses do nothing but making excuses, doing radical and stupid decisions to then ending up losing their kids to foster care. Having kids isn’t something that you have to tread lightly. It’s a huge responsibility and it takes a huge chunk of your life to dedicate yourself to your child. It’s your responsibility, NOT the government to take care of him/her. And if you’re not ready for it, use a damn condom!

Anyway… I’m off! Have a great Tuesday!