Bad Parenting 102: Choose Their Gender Roles Accordingly

In the past days, an actor named named Seth Menachem post a photo of his son on Social Media telling the whole world:

Hey! He likes dresses and that’s ok!

At first I thought it was a joke but as I watched his interview with CNN it was more like shoving the gay/transgendered agenda down through our throats. It seems times are changing in the worst way possible to the disintegration of the “Nuclear” family, the traditional family. That’s ok, based on Seth’s perspective, NOT mine or anyone else who believes that reversing the roles aren’t normal, it’s rather disturbing. For a long while boys wear pants and shirts while playing with trucks, toy pistols and playing with green plastic soldiers, girls on the other hand wear dresses, play with dolls and as closest that it gets on make up painting their nails (with parental supervision). But changing these roles into incorrect genders,the results would be catastrophic, not only for future generations but for mankind as well. There’s a correct order to supervise and teach our kids to be respectable citizens and be confident about it and best of all happy with their correct own gender identity.

This reverse gender role identity will be turn your boys like these…

 Let them boys be boys grow up to be MEN, not feminine men.