Bad Mamas?

On CNN it appeared a story of a single mother Debra Harrell who left her 9 year old child alone in the park while she was working at McDonalds. The reactions of a lot of commentators bellow the story were mostly blatant against this working mom “neglect” towards her own child without understanding why she choose to “leave” the child. But there’s a lot of profoundness in this story as any other.

For example, as usual the race factor. Society has always vilify Black Women as lazy, selfish and neglectful towards their own kids. The motto “they rather take care of themselves than taking care of their own kids” has been stuck with us like crazy glue. But sadly it doesn’t applies to Caucasian women in that aspect. Mostly, they’re the most loving, pure and responsible towards their own children and their men. But when cases like child neglect comes into the view of the Caucasian mother, they just feel pity. But in a case like a hard working single mother who worked paycheck to paycheck to keep a roof under her head while taking care of her child, for one single “mistake” of leaving the kid in the park alone by herself under the hot weather, society wants the mother’s head, and leaving the child under worst treatment under foster care.

It seems absurd that for only the issue of not being able to provide child care for this child, she’s entitled to jail time and an unmerciful attack by the social media. Instead, first from her former employer McDonalds instead of firing her, they should help her in getting an affordable child care for her kid. Or create programs and incentives for working moms to afford child care. Not firing her! Second, for the people in the park, instead of pointing fingers and judging her for her “bad parenting skills” they should examine themselves too. There’s no perfect parent these days, and surely they made this issue like Mrs. Harrell is the worst person in the community she lives in and deserves to be life without parole in jail. Perhaps, they think that leaving their kids with iphones and tablets is good parenting. Third, enough with the black women are the scum of the earth crap! There’s a lot of Black Mothers out there that they will sacrifice themselves for their child’s wellbeing. And for that, they’re raising good men and women in the end. NOT GHETTO HOES AND CRIMINALS!

But not all is lost. After, her arrest, a lawyer Robert Verner Phillips who took this case as pro-bono, is defending her case. And she’s back with her daughter but unemployed. A fund for her has been placed on to help deal with the costs of child care and other expenses until her case is cleared and her name clean to start over. This nightmare for this struggling single mother who have been judged unfairly has to end.

Another thing… Does Child Services removed Victoria Wilcher from her neglectful and selfish single mother and grandparents?

Another news…

Another single mother rejected by Social Services in North Carolina have her five children taken away to foster care because she post an ad on Craiglist for shelter for her and her five kids. In their opinion by a “Social Worker” it was inappropriate because “Child Molesters” or “Murderers” can answer it. Well, sadly this kids are going to child molesters or murderers on Foster Care instead.

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