I Fought China… and USA won!

Many business, thanx to NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and WTO (World Trade Organization), closed their doors to export their services to other countries specially China for cheap, “fast” labor and earn more profits without having to pay a huge load of taxes and “liabilities.” By this, many small cities that used to boost the economy, ceased to exist leaving hundreds unemployed and without any help to get back on their feet causing these small towns to big cities to crumble (Remember Detroit, Flint?). But thankfully there’s one guy who didn’t bulge into that mold and instead investigate close enough to what’s the secret behind going into these China factories and drew a verdict that shocked a community of Virginia.

Tom Bassett, a furniture factory owner decided to keep his company, his employees against the flow and choose that it’s not worth it to go for that strategy. Instead, he along with his fellow furniture owners file a complaint to the US International Trade Commission by simply charging Chinese manufacturers with dumping, crappy products and then selling less than the cost of production. In other meanings, the Chinese have been paying peanuts compared to pay American Employees what’s they’re worth. And it ain’t rocket science. First of all when it comes to furniture, designing and creating furniture it takes a lot of skilled subjects like Math, to make the perfect piece of furniture. Human hands cannot substitute robots in that area, since you feel the craftsmanship and the quality of the product as real with feeling as you can get. Second of all you have to protect your employees against accidents, something that China lacks off since these “employees” are replaceable with no benefits or help to get through in case of accident which companies “save.”

Bassett, visited a factory that made knockoffs of the furniture, to pretend that he’s interested in having their factory work for him. And the rest is History, he complain, he stood up and won keeping his employees and his company he holds dear. This is my friends a very definition of being an American. Companies should let this be an example that yes, a company can be saved by the cheap regulations and labor and produce jobs in their own town and city without sacrificing the quality and their identity that consumers are identified with. Let’s all support companies that are making products in the US!