Comment Section Open

I got a great conversation with one of my followers and it’s very refreshing reading people’s ideas and opinions in a honest and respectful manner. That’s why, from now on, in the following post I will allow open the comment section so you can comment and say about the subject I post on this blog. There’s a few guidelines I need to follow on making this comment section helpful and good.

  1. Your Avatar must have a photo of yourself. These colorful icons are not acceptable because I don’t know who the hell are you, and to avoid the most common cowardly act that a few do: Bullying.
  2. Must be commenting on the subject posted on the blog.
  3. Although there’s freedom of speech, still there will be absolutely NO insults, NO homophobic, racist, sexist or any other offensive content or bullying. One strike, you’re out!
  4. You must be a follower of this blog or registered user of WordPress.
  5. Comments takes a few hours to a day max (rare) to make your post visible in the section. I reserve the right to screen, approve or deny any visitor who post a comment on my blog.
  6. No Hyperlinks or any links of any kind.

As always if you want to reblog any of my content you should ask for permission first.

That’s it! Questions, Suggestions?


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