When My Black Brothers Hate Me

This is a post from Black Millennial Musings that really infuriates me to the core, about an announcement of recruiting all girls from 18-30 from all ethnicity, shapes and sizes. What’s really pissed me off is what Hollywood denigrates women of color to Class C and D like the worst of the low. I will never support this movie because it denigrates women of color, period. Black women should unite and demand our dignity and respect we all truly deserve.

Black Millennials

Today, a casting call for the highly-anticipated N.W.A. movie “Straight Outta Compton” was posted on the Internetz for all the world to see. The post called for girls of all shapes, sizes, and colors. As diverse and inviting such a notion could be, it was clear that a celebration of female diversity wasn’t in the works. Take a look…

Casting Call

That’s right. Categorizing women from Type A to Type D, light-skinned, racially ambiguous, big booty women were rated “hottest of the hottest,” while dark skinned women were relegated to the lowest of the low.

Infuriating doesn’t express my angst. Exasperation barely captures my annoyance with *some* Black men and their subservience to white dominance. Pity and shame nearly espouses my convictions towards the Black men who perpetuate white supremacy by devaluing the beauty of Black womanhood.

Black women know the struggles we face. From our hair to our looks, we’re constantly poked…

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