Size Discrimination

There’s a lot of discrimination going on. But I never heard of a word “Size Discrimination” until a girl from Chillocothe, Ohio has her Instagram account removed because of her photos with just underwear might “offend” a lot of people and also “violate” their community guidelines. Samm Newman was bullied all her life because of being overweight to the point that she dreads going to take showers until she decided to accept herself because of all the support online at college. She decided to post photos on Instagram to boost her confidence, until her account was removed for this photo and any others.

Ok, here’s the deal about this. There’s a double standard with Instagram regarding what’s acceptable and what’s disgusting. I’m by society standards, FAT. But do I show myself in underwear and flaunt my imperfections to the media to have confidence? NOPE! Some women out there doesn’t know how modesty and respect is. They think that showing themselves in underwear or wear nothing at all represent empowerment. Empowerment means that you cover it up, involve in helping others and participate in programs that can help themselves in raising their self-esteem like for example, develop a hobby. I for example, do photography and play video games and broadcast it on twitch, but I don’t have to prove to society that being FAT deserve more attention by showing it up in swimsuits or underwear. Hell, NO! Another thing, if Instagram deleted Samm’s account they should do the same with other accounts that shows the other side of being skinny.

As for Instagram, they apologize for their mistake and restore her account but the damage is already done for this girl. I know her confidence is a little bit shaken by the whole snafu by Instagram, but it’s Instagram’s fault that instead of deleting accounts that aren’t healthy to watch for example, anorexia and also so-called celebrities posting themselves nude in suggestive poses they deleted an account that isn’t famous at all.