Out of Context

On this July Edition of the Male Magazine Esquire, Tom Junod wrote a column named “In Praise of 42 Year-Old Women” about how males their age are “pleasant” with being with near middle aged women. The column is rather honest in specifying that men look at a woman in her forties like a model who does Pilates and Yoga and can be rather aggressive and domineering in her choices. So, why Tom Junod wrote this short article about women in their 40’s are Fuckable by male standards? Are we’re looking for sympathy and pity to be fucked? I think, men are sadly tired of looking at young naive ignorant bubble head dolls and are going for “leftovers.” And it sounds rather offensive because still men are searching for a model instead of a real woman with all imperfections.

Lisa Solod in response of Junod’s column wrote “8 Things Middle-Aged Women Think About Far More Than Whether They’re Still Fuckable By Middle Aged Men” blasted Junod and in honest candor explains that Middle Aged women have a lot of issues in their mind to worry about than getting a man in bed such as their Parents, Health, their Kids (if any), Friends, their partners or lovers, if they have enough time to do the things they do, ect. It’s a major review that women these days, have baggage, and in order to get to the fuckable part, you must deal with her wrinkles, love handles, flabby parts and their mental and emotional state. But not only that, Solod gives Junod the middle finger for writing such a misogynist article. But wait a minute here! Solod is exaggerating the whole deal by posting on her twitter account that:


Ok, it was just one writer who post this, not a group of chauvinist men who decided to write it. Second, it’s exaggerated that all men are going to catch any 42 year woman and have fun fucking. And third, why the drama? If a man chooses a middle aged woman isn’t because she’s doing Pilates or Yoga and looks good for her age, it’s because of her personality besides all the obstacles the man have to go through to get her. Men sure likes the challenge! The sex part comes second. Why the whole issue of sex have to come first for men who wants Middle Aged Women? Are you both guys think for men and women decisions regarding companionship and sex?

But to end this, these people are taking it like naive school children who needs a time out. Time out from Feminism and time out from MGTOW (Men Go Their Own Way), the world and genders could be in a better place.