Autotune Them NOT!

Recently there’s a huge controversy with diminishing pop star Britney Spears over a “leaked” version of one of the songs from her album Britney Jean, “Alien” in which shows the artist sang without the help of autotune. Honestly, it’s horrible! But comparing the final product of the song with the leaked it makes me think about these types of jackasses are honestly ripping off stealing people’s money because of cheating software that can “help” them sing good. And obviously the producer of the album William Orbit was defending the track explaining that it was just a warm up before the real recording took place.

I’m sorry but based on that, I’m really don’t believe a crappy thing this guy says, just because he’s between receiving a paycheck and hitting rock bottom because of that snafu of a disaster of a album that he helped. Meanwhile there’s tons of artists that will sing with extraordinary voice and talent being thrown out of the window because of defects after another. Record producers are just interested in the sex appeal than what the artist talent can contribute in society. I can’t believe that fans are being duped into thinking she have a great voice when all she did was lipsynching. And she’s not the only one who does that. How about Beyonce for example? And any other so-called pop star that think that pretending to sing equals big bucks.

Honestly there should to be a law that autotune or any voice enhancing software would be prohibited to ensure the quality of the product they’re trying to sell and to earn the trust of consumers around the world. Not only it will help their business but it will help the artists to be more honest with their product or projects they’re promoting. Otherwise we’re gonna have to test who sings for real and who’s using this atrocious software and sadly there’s not a lot of people who have a good ear.