Short Notices

Cry For the Poverty, Brazil!

Yesterday, Brazil fans were weeping like the end of the world were up in their lives, when on Fifa 2014 World Cup, Brazil soccer team lost against Germany 7 to 1. It was such and embarrassing display of sobs, weeps and cries like babies in a sport that a lot of people don’t understand and simply don’t care. What puzzles me is the poverty Brazil is enduring for the past decades that the government tries to cover it up like dirt on a rug. Simply it’s not difficult to eradicate it, but choosing the wrong priorities like placing the World Cup there instead of placing programs to help families and individuals break the cycle of poverty it sets up that Brazil, like any other country like the shiny things than getting the necessary items to make their country stronger. But still there’s group protesting with all their rights demanding the government to fix their issues instead of sponsoring a multimillion federation that when it leaves it won’t change anything around it.

Baby Mama Outrage

Baby K’tan baby carriage is in deep waters when a picture from an undisclosed retail location suffice showing two of their products. One on the left a single African-American woman and the one of the right a “Caucasian” couple both carrying a baby. And the black community, specially women were up in arms about the issue. Not only that, but the pricing as well as the product with the Black woman cost 5 dollars less than the couple photo. And I think, what’s wrong with this picture? There’s a lot of single women specially women of color that choose this way, make wrong decisions after another and they’re stranded with more than three kids in tow, some with different sperm donors. Society always pushes Black women as the worst to have relationships with but the best to have sex with just for experimentation. Many Black men practice “pump and dump” with tragic outcomes. We’re identify with being loud mouth, uncivilized, dirty, no class, in other words undatable. And it’s surely this and other subliminal messages that tries to get across Black women these days. Change your attitude, perhaps? I hope it could be that simple.


Children of Other Men

Children have left their country and traveling to the USA just because of a small clause that shows that children with no parent present could get citizenship. Americans are outraged with this that they’re planning huge amounts of protests against illegals coming to this country and with a great reason.  This country is very damaged as it is with huge unemployment, lot’s of low-income part-time jobs, and a huge trillion dollar debt, and allowing this orphans to have them giving them a green card because they didn’t carry their parents is not human rights, it’s more of blowing up a balloon way more of it’s capacity to the point it will explode. Seriously, I understand that South American countries are worst than the US, but that doesn’t mean that children have to pay the price in traveling long dangerous miles to come here because of this clause. If they want Human Rights, it’s better that their government were they’re from can address it and fix it instead of being ignorant to their citizens pleas. It’s very sad also that the hatred of many Americans is stronger than ever and we should be ashamed of themselves instead of keep on chanting “USA, USA” with charts with orthographical errors demanding the illegals to leave because they’re not welcome. But wait a minute! That also means they’re not welcome either because their ancestors came to this country and also as far as I know Native Americans are the legal citizens of this country and should have a say in this matter.

Anyway! Have a Great Wednesday!