Police State Land

There have been a surge in police brutality over the recent months including:

A homeless man in New Mexico being killed for invading a non-camping zone
Swat Team invade the wrong home and place a flash bomb in a crib putting a toddler in serious condition
A Black Female college professor from Arizona was treated aggressively for just “jaywalking”
Paralytic Man being thrown out of his wheelchair by a police officer, then being arrested while dragging him
A California policeman dragged a barefoot unarmed bag lady plummeting to the ground

It seems too obvious that the Police Department in this country is taking it too far and it’s citizens don’t have the appropriate measures to protect themselves against these tyrants. It reminds me the late Rodney King being beaten to death by a group of Policemen and when the court plead these barbaric guys not guilty, the citizens retaliate against the law that suppose to protect them in the first place. But now, citizens have to be disconnected from the dependence of authorities that instead of protecting it’s citizens, they push, shove and even kill them. A lot of them doesn’t have the right tools and strategy for their job they’re assigned to. They don’t even admit their mistakes if they blew it up and unfortunately some go unpunished for it causing outrage and anger in the community. There’s no accountability since they think just because they have a badge and a gun doesn’t mean they’re above the law. But sadly they think that way.

America has become a Police State and citizens doesn’t do absolutely nothing to eradicate it, that is, even with social media around it just bring to the issue without solutions. Meanwhile, crimes are being committed, loves ones are being killed and the rest are being unfair with tickets and search warrants.

But, as always, there’s the rest who don’t rely on authorities to solve any problems regarding their security. They put security cameras, have their own weapons and they fight if they feel threatened. Since the US Police is extremely corrupt, we should be doing something at least to clean it, because the government isn’t doing the job they suppose to be do.