Not Missing a Thing


On April 2013, I deactivated my Facebook account for a lot of reasons mainly because I got tired of seeing people with milestones like having kids, going on trips, getting promotions, etc. It was uncomfortable for me looking at their pictures smiling while all I had is just deal to deal basis. And it’s been a year and two months that don’t visit to my page. It’s useless to me to search what’s important when there’s a lot of pretentious jackasses in there. Yes, my family counts too so why bother feeling envy of people and even acquaintances that doesn’t know my phone number? So I shut it down and move on with my life.

It was a good year of silence. Knowing who’s my real friends and who aren’t. I decided that if they need to chat, there’s the phone for that. I invited some friends, I see other friends and it has been ever since. It’s like I have full fledged privacy, because if I’m very uncomfortable or angry I rather keep it to myself or in some cases I tell it in their faces. It makes me realize that I don’t need a keyboard to know my words, I rather say it and if they like it, that’s fine. I activated my Facebook yesterday to see some “friends” and “relatives” only to deactivate it again today. I sincerely don’t miss Facebook at all and actually don’t care about what’s the next who post on news feeds, what type of music they’re listen to, or what movie are watching right now. It seems a bragging rights contest every time you go to Facebook, and I don’t need to prove to anyone that I go on trips that I can’t afford, or get stuff I can’t have or achieve milestones that sincerely cannot achieve because of this or that. I’m just here, not knowing what’s my goals in life or purpose, I’m just here on this earth to survive. So, that’s about it.