Diaries of Mad Black Women

Videos like these made me cringe. These and hundreds more are on youtube for your “enjoyment” pleasure. A Black woman who worked at a Fast Food restaurant beat a white girl in the park while her son, a two year old tries to defend her. The reasons for the beating was to avoid being fired at her job at McDonalds because of an involvement between Latia Harris and her now former manager. It is sickening to watch these and other videos showing Black girls in embarrassing fights, throwing tantrum fits and behaving wrongly in a society that expects nothing from them because by their negative actions these women act the rest of women of color are paying the price.

During this phase, we’re becoming less attractive, less appreciated and more insulted, denigrated and even beating and killed. Centuries of abuse will make any white woman commit suicide but our ancestors endured it with countless physical, mental and sexual scars that defined sadly how we are. Not knowing what our true potential, our true passion and our true goals in life without proper tools that other women takes for granted, we’re in the bottom of the pit with nowhere to go, nowhere to be loved and nowhere to hold on to. Most women of color have untreated mental illness that they could snap at any moment and sadly they’re the victims of being videotaped and their actions posted on youtube and other social media outlets mostly without their consent.

Young girls start being promiscuous, because of their low-self esteem, not because they’re “programmed” to do. They abuse drugs and alcohol because of the lack of a stable home mostly with both parents, only one parent is the mother and it’s putting physical, mental abuse towards her, not because it’s in their genes. They’re accumulating a lot of hurt, sadness and loneliness. They are trying to achieve to be something more than welfare mothers, but without the proper tools they’re just stuck because of what society treats them. They become angry with themselves from their color of their skin to their hair to the point they wear blonde wigs or weaves and try to use bleaching cremes to have their skin lighter. They’re ridiculed, victimized and wrongly judged beyond repair. And even their own race diss them. And what’s their aftermath?

Short minutes of violent attitudes, hair flying and punches throwing define a difference between what society calls “ratchet” “beast” “n-word” among other hurtful words to a woman that rather use common sense and engage dialog to solve a problem. Most Americans can’t understand what Black women had endured for so long, and instead they point their fingers without finding out the real cause of the issue and find answers to help them.

It’s unfortunate that still Black Women can’t unite themselves, heal themselves and heal their own community. If there’s any way to help them?