This Is Definately NOT US!

I read the book the Hunger Games. For some people who don’t have any time reading it or watching it, it’s about a girl Katniss Everdeen from District 12 volunteered to be a tribute at their annual reaping to be subject to participate in the Hunger Games. Going very deep into the story, it develops around the vanished United States and now the capitol is Panem, and it’s separated into 12 districts that mostly provides their role to Panem.

In the promo for their third installment, Mockingjay, the company behind it Mammoth Press delivered a nice set of artwork promoting it. Their artwork is beautiful, unique and interesting… well, except for this one:

Ok, I saw The Hunger Games and Catching Fire and everything that depicts Black People even in the future seems like they’re not changed a bit. Instead, we’re backwards. In the “future” they’re stuck in District 11, which is the poorest of the districts and it’s an agriculture sector and stuck in picking corn, cotton and gosh knows what else. The character from the first Hunger Games, Rue was a bright thief with a very naive heart. In the beginning of the Hunger Games project people were outraged over the casting of a Black girl to portray Rue. But it was all done. This poster from District 9 which is the grain district which seems very wrong.

What I don’t understand the whole concept is, why the media always, always denigrate other races specially Blacks, People of Color, African descent. It seems to me that certain movies and TV shows always stereotype this race with denigrating ideals that a lot of Black folks don’t identify with. There’s none a movie or a TV show that shows the true essence of our race in a positive outlook instead of what we have to deal everyday.

Black Community should consider at least have their respect back and denounce any stereotype that can offend them. Other races and nationalities do that but I still didn’t see that.