Child Pawn

A few weeks ago, a grandmother broke “her experience” at a KFC to the media when she visited along with her granddaughter who is dealing with her scars caused by an attack by their grandfather’s (from father’s side) pitbulls, when a employee told them that she was disturbing the customers with her face and they were “asked” to leave. When it went viral, of course, social media exploits were desecrating KFC while giving the family gifts, donations and even free surgery for the girl.

Now, it turns out to be a hoax. Again? Yes, again! It makes me think about how far can these types of people will go to get attention in terms of dollars and cents for their own agenda. This is NOT the first and definitely wouldn’t be the last unless there’s laws in place to avoid it. The problem with the media is that they didn’t investigate deep enough. They went inside the KFC, and ask questions, not asking about security cameras to make sure they were inside the restaurant and if it was indeed true. KFC did the whole investigation. Another thing is the lack of motivation from this “poor” family in getting help for the child in doing donations, placing empty cans at supermarkets, gas stations and other places so that people could donate and hosting dinners or auctions. Another thing they should do was getting help from social services. But obviously, the child has Medicaid if they’re poor. But they want it the easy way to get attention for themselves, not for the child.

KFC who donated the money no matter the outcome was the stupidest act they could come out despite Kelly Mullins lies about it. They should get the money back along with the hundreds of gifts and money other individuals have been given to her for the last couple of weeks. While, Social Services should remove the child from that household and give her to responsible couples who can really take care of her, to have at least a normal childhood. And the authorities should charged these people for fraud and child endangerment.

But what’s bad about it is that nobody wants to work at least to earn a living or some parts of living. There’s always scrupulous individuals who doesn’t care about others but themselves for just their 15 minutes of fame. These so-called family let this child in the hands of dangerous pitbulls to maul her to nearly death, and now they used her for their own benefits sounds more like a family of sociopaths than simply a trailer trash family.

I just hope Social Services will take notice of the issue and correct it before it’s too late.

But at least you can contact Mississippi Social Services and let them know this child isn’t safe.