Oversexualizing Innocence

My husband/boyfriend told me about a clothing company in France that makes underwear for little girls as young as toddlers. I didn’t have a problem with that at first because there’s a lot of companies that make kids underwear. But when he told me it was lingerie, I felt outraged. Not in a dramatic way, but more of a WTF moment. A French company named Jours Apres Lunes debuted a short time ago their “lingerie” collection for kids and their creations are disgusted and downright disturbing. So, I took a look at the website, and also looked into other photos that illustrate their collections made by designer Sophie Morin and I was pretty convinced that the underwear she created isn’t appropriate for it. Not now, not ever.

I was literally discussed the issue with my husband and we agreed in every sense of the word on this issue. I saw recently photos of a 10 year old french model posing “seductively” for Vogue Paris, but not only that, still there’s “Toddlers & Tiaras” and “Dance Moms” and still one of the dancers of the show appeared on a video by Sia dancing provocatively like an adult. It still baffles me that mothers, most of them feminists teach this girls into a dangerous path towards sex. Kids are NOT sex objects! These mothers who see those shows and buy these types of underwear followed by putting their own children on kids beauty pageants as young as toddlers, it draws the wrong attention to predators and child molesters. It seriously has to stop!

Society is taking their innocence away and replacing it with suggestive and subliminal message that appeal to rapists everywhere. If I had a daughter I will make sure that she dress accordingly to her age, and if I can’t find clothing suitable, I will make sure I make one. I won’t make my daughter become part of the statistic of wearing like a whore, acting like a whore to be popular as the norm. Some parents today, specially some single mothers doesn’t have the right tools to teach their kids to enjoy their innocence and experience their childhood and mature as they age, instead they’re making them adults too soon.  I think the rest of the population needs their traditional values back for a change.