Men Are Losing It, Seriously

Father Day’s went off a few days ago and for a father of a feminist daughter who posted this photo of his polo shirt on her Twitter account it turned Men into real pussies.

So, what I understand is that she could have sex when she wants, how she wants and where she wants. Not respecting their reputation and their family reputation. I mean, fathers should take care of their daughters no matter what and this is signal that they don’t care if their daughters get pregnant, raped or killed just because of the “It’s my body, it’s my choice” motto that the feminist movement adapted it so well. Instead, feminists don’t accept the fact that even thought it’s their body and their choice, when they’re living in their parents household, it’s their parents choice whether they want to teach her to be a respectable lady or a angry feminist and also to keep them safe from danger. I think there’s a group of fathers out there who will post this on their shirts instead to make a point.