Mail Order Desperates

On Netflix a documentary  from National Geographic named “Mail Order Brides” shows this unregulated business of mail order brides where old American men seeks desperately the company of a foreigner woman. It has been for decades but since the internet boom that type of business grew rapidly. The real reasons why the American Men contact these services is pretty simple. American Women have given up on their roles and decided on going on their own way. Many men complained that. Even if they find some attractive young woman, on their first date it becomes a battlefield because of the lack of morals, or behavior and that’s really tip them completely off.

Read this, American women choose good looking guys even if they don’t have a job, than a person who have a job and is decent looking. Now, they going to tells me, huh? Where’s the facts?” Here’s the facts, on YouTube and social media men complain… a lot of how American women these days influenced with the feminist ideals and how they tip them off when they search for a wife. Take for example, MrVeesworld who tell in fact how Feminism destroys their essence, their respected roles in society. It seems to me that there’s a lot of good men out there and women don’t take advantage of what they offer. Instead, they go to the wrong kind of guy and take advantage of that instead because they feel “empowered” to be in control. And that’s a big turn off. But back to the issue, men pay thousands of dollars to meet for example a girl from Russia, or Latin America or some parts of Europe while the women who apply this service doesn’t pay a thing. But not every men opted to choose this, but it has been a growing trend. Meanwhile American women are away from their men and instead they chase this illusion that they can have it all with dangerous consequences. American women are lost, even with a career, even with a kid by themselves, they can’t be the mother and father at the same time. They can’t juggle everything, they can’t balance everything. American women with that belief are not accomplished in society instead is putting the negative weight on it. It has that illusion that they’re successful women, when in fact, they can’t even find the right lipstick from their cluttered purse. And then they complain why they can’t find a suitable male after having four or five kids by different sperm donors that some don’t know their last names.

The feminism movement instead of helping women, it has been a agenda to tell women, you can divorce if you don’t like the guy you’re with, you can use your sexuality to get what you want, you can raise and have the kids by yourself, and also dependent of the government while not asking for a man’s help except having kids. They sadly let their looks go, they feel men have to accept them without make up, with crappy clothes and this is why, why men pay thousands of dollars to meet the woman who have traditional values, who isn’t damaged by the feminism agenda and she will please and respect a man and take the role as a caretaker, wife, friend, mother and also good looking with right behavior and poise.

Also Mail Order Bride services is unregulated, meaning there’s no background checks for men using the site to see if they’re convicted before. In 2002 Ingle King killed his foreign wife Anastasia King with the help of his roommate by throwing her at a Indian reservation after they strangled her. He have been convicted before and the matchmaking agency didn’t look into it. For that, Washington State implemented a law that male suitors looking for a wife must show any police records to these women or to the agency and deny them service if they find any criminal charges.

I just wondering how low women, specially in this country, are going with their feminist ideas? And also, how men will stop being submissive and start being determined?