Fathers: More Than Just a Simple Sperm Donors

I didn’t know it was Father’s Day until I read this article from a low-profile actor who is battling in court over paternity suit. Jason Patric is getting his hands dirty in getting at least some custody of his 4 year old son Gus, from his ex-girlfriend Danielle Schreiber. But the bad thing Patric did was going for the unconventional method since they “tried” naturally to have a kid in-vitro while not being married and all hells break lose when Danielle decided to take care of the kid by herself and not involving Jason in anyway. Today, it marked two years since Jason can’t see his son Gus, and hired some of the best lawyers to fight a system that “defends” women and denigrate men.

Here’s my 50 cents, people! I read the column and based on the “she said, he said” bullshit, there has been cases of many feminazis adopting this method to get away with it. But the child in question is THE ONE who suffers in the end. It needs two people to raise a child, NOT one. It’s impossible to take care of a child by themselves (specially women) unless they’re wealthy. And even if they’re wealthy they hire babysitters or nannies to do the job they suppose to do. Meanwhile, the rest have been dependent on welfare and involved in toxic relationships with the opposite or perhaps same sex traumatizing the life of the child. Feminazis like Danielle will lie, deceit and make a show in the court citing that Jason is a violent and possessive man where he didn’t have any problems with the law in his acting career based on his records. Instead, he got labeled “the Sperm Donor” instead of the father, because of all his snafu. If he was a bright intelligent man, he should be marrying her and later if they’re okay with it, they could have a child. Or in other methods, he should leave her for good and find someone that suits his needs. Not the other way around. Since, he didn’t propose to Danielle perhaps she have a game up her sleeve to destroy his reputation and she did in the worst evil means she could think. Frankly, this is not one isolated case, there’s a lot of cases that fathers are denied to even spend an hour to their own children while the mommy is “enjoying” the benefits of his hard earned money every month. And then, in the years that follows there will be a lot of broken mentally, spiritually and emotional teenagers who don’t know how to react to certain situations without violence or anger.

I too suffered the worries of not knowing if my real father is dead or alive. Even thought I was raised by a step-father, is NOT the same. Some Step-Fathers are there for just getting puntang, not taking care of the baggage the woman carries. At least, he wasn’t a bad one, but the connection isn’t there to begin with. She was making sure that I forget even my real dad’s name even thought it showed on the birth certificate and accepted him as my dad. If he stepped up to the plate and get custody, it would be another story. But for circumstances I can’t describe on this blog, it went to a sour direction. The thing is that fathers have all the right in the world to take care of their children. It’s their goddamn role as providers for their wives and children. Why the feminism movement destroys the real essence of the marriage structure? To have fatherless children? To have children who are more prone to mental issues, violence and anger? Well, girls you got what you wanted, right? A sperm donor. Don’t complain if your kid is committing a shooting spree somewhere and you’re too busy dining with strangers for just one night stands.

As harsh as it sounds, deal with it! At least, Jason Patric had finally visitation rights to see his son Gus. But still there’s a lot of fathers who are battling cases just to see their kids face to face. We should support these fathers in getting their lives back, and punish these harlots for ruin theirs and their children’s lives. Happy Father’s Day, where it takes two to tango, not one to make the dance.