College Tuition Crisis

A few days ago, president Obama signed a bill that college students could pay 10% based on their income of their student loans. Sound less stressful, right? Nope, you still have to pay what you owe to them no matter what. It didn’t specify in cases of losing a job you might be “pardoned” to not pay it. But even thought in his speech address at the white house by the people of Tumblr didn’t get the results he wanted, the bill became nich by Republicans.

One of the first questions that he answered that annoyed me the most is the first one that ask about why the government lower the cost of tuition in public and private schools to at least people not having to rely on student loans.

He specified that he “studied” in a private school and he was “able” to pay his loan off in a year. Well, mr. president, lucky for you! At least you didn’t work in a minimum wage job even before you get graduated, but the rest of Americans out there didn’t have the choice and are literally stuck on working these jobs that no minority would want because the good jobs are well gone. What he tries to prove here?

Even if you graduated and have loans to repay, your kids and perhaps your grandkids are going to be the next in line to pay it if you’re working at a minimum wage job. Now the cost of Universities and Colleges has skyrocketed, because there’s no subsidies to help alleviate which is a bunch of BS. In his speech, the subsidies that were used for it, now it’s directed to believe it or not, in the Penal System which a lot of young males and women are “benefiting” from it.


Another issue is the so-called Universities delivering programs that “entice” unemployed or high school students to get into their “programs.” As soon as they graduate, they can’t find the job they’re suited for and are stranded in debt and they end in what I told before, working at McDonalds. Many have families that have to choose to pay the loan or feed their families. And the president? Well, thank you! And graduates can’t sue the school for scamming up their way down the ladder. At least, someone did and it was classified as a joke.

So, after almost half and hour of his conversation, it was just that. An annoying piece of runaround blended with bad jokes and false biographies from a guy who wasn’t born in the United States. It was like you’re talking to a wall, who doesn’t responds to what you want but giving you what you need temporarily which is silence and it has to stop. Another thing is why all the questions are “chosen” by Tumblr when in reality the government seems they put the foot down on choosing it. It seems like it! If it was the real questions, it would be something like:

“If you screw up the school systems, obliterate the job market and create a down ridden families dependent on welfare, why you don’t resign and leave the next person fix the problems?”

“Can you show your real birth certificate?”

“Why our freedoms and liberties are slowly taken away?”

And the list keeps coming. Instead it was just a bore. Nothing more, nothing less. And then you wonder why people are more interested about “Orange is the New Black” than what’s going on in our country or even get a better job. Meanwhile, the school system is collapsing, and Colleges and Universities are taking advantage of the eliminated middle class just to get more than a million bucks and the debts just keep in coming.