Bear With My Old Bearings

I tried to write some posts around here almost everyday but with my schedule is almost nearly impossible. But I’m thinking on great positive changes that will make this blog a little bit interactive without ending up in the most common blogs around here.

  1. The addition of comments: I have been thinking a lot about the whole deal and basically can deal with constructive criticism and debate. But it’s going to be a little more strict since I will place some guidelines to follow. Stay tuned.
  2. Video Game Channel on Twitch: In the following weeks I will broadcast live on some games like Final Fantasy XIV, Need For Speed: Rivals and others. It will be Mondays or Tuesdays from 12pm to 1pm or 1:30pm.
  3. More projects to increase my portfolio at Imagekind: This weekend I’ll be out to some places in order to put more art photography to good use and at the same time gain a little of extra money and knowledge. In the meantime, please support me at Imagekind to make this blog more attractive and doing other projects. I truly don’t believe in donate or gofundme.

Summer is a great day to build friendships, memories and facing new adventures. Take advantage, take control and enjoy the sun and don’t forget to check on more stuff.