Black Women and their Quest to Make Themselves Ridiculed

Yesterday, Shine from Yahoo posted this article about a Black Woman from Tennessee carrying her one month baby in the back of her wedding dress. At first, I thought she was carrying it in the back like this:

But she carried her defenseless baby like this instead:

This picture is worth a million words on the subject of single mothers raising their kids, specially Black women. This picture also carries an accidental symbolism in which like many single mothers placing a baby on the back literally like this woman did, represents that no matter what she’s going to move forward with any guy she want to catch neglecting her baby needs and wants, while society all they do is look and do nothing. It’s all pretty simple for me. This photo posted on Facebook should be eliminated from her page because it’s so hurtful and insulting to see a selfish woman putting a baby on the back of the wedding dress dragged on the floor where the nuptial music was playing.

This woman Shona Carter-Brooks defended her actions critizising the Media for trying to ruin her “buzz” and commented like any Black woman that “god is on her side.” Ok, if god is on her side, she should carry the baby with her hands or give the baby to someone to watch over her while she was getting married with this loser, not the opposite. It’s offensive to me seeing Black women behaving like they own the world, and it has to stop. I know you’re got married, but should you get married first and then have the baby later on? And then avoid pictures like these from posting up on Facebook. It will make Black women self-esteem a little more higher.