Minority Archives


I never heard of American Girl Archives until now when they decided to put four dolls to their archives. Two of it were an African-American doll named Cecille who goes along with a Caucasian doll named Marie-Gracie and Ivy who is Asian. The people just went bezerk when they found this news. What’s strange to me is that I honestly don’t know about American Girl Franchise, and soon enough I found out they dedicated to just one race as the main protagonist to tell the story of America. Well, as harsh as I might sound, Cecille or Ivy isn’t the main protagonists of the series, they’re the sidekicks instead. So, parents who are African-American or Asian rather deal with sidekick dolls than their main, is like asking for leftovers at a thanksgiving dinner. What happen with the idea of having an African-American doll? And not only for being the “best friend” or “sidekick” but being in control of her life without telling her what she have to be based on her race? To be the leader of the pack? To reach her dreams and goals easily without setbacks or obstacles? But, that’s not the History of America, isn’t?

The problem isn’t only the lack of minorities in toys. The problem is minorities are the majority now and they can’t even get their point across that toy companies needs dolls that represent them, not only put them as sidekicks or friends but as I told before as leaders. Their girls self-esteem depends of it, specially Black, Asian even Hispanic Girls.

So, they could put those side-kick dolls away in the cellar, but still they need a lot of work to do in order to change what girls can be identified with.