Dear Feminist Movement

I’m here to express my full discontent in your beliefs and your credo that just because you’re a woman  mean you can bash, humiliate and denigrate against the stronger sex. Just because have a job mean that you don’t want to be protected, held and respected. Just because you don’t want to have kids think that these women who are stay home moms and old fashioned are weak. But to think that an act of a 22 year old scorned boy because women rejected him and then commented that women aren’t property or something, it makes me think what are you “ladies” trying to prove here?

This guy had an undisclosed mental illness that sadly didn’t got controlled. This guy’s rejection by women who think they’re all that and a bag of chips who had that mentality that its their decision where and when they could get a guy it’s basically out of hand. Thanks to this belief, men today are pussies because the alfa male have been thrown out of the window because of the fear of being named a perv, or a stalker.

To the Feminist movement, don’t complain. Don’t complain when you’re at home by yourself when you’re old and say, “Why I didn’t get married when I had that chance?” Don’t complain when you get all your PHDs and Master Degrees while traveling the world, sleeping around with cowards and later regret not assuming your proper role as caretaker of the family. Don’t complain when you past your prime to have kids with the right person to be with but instead you just slept around with the whole wide word claiming independence from males, except for sex.

To think that commenting on this tragedy by using all your well known tactics is like crying wolf, just to get into the spotlight and sadly that makes your group drama queens. Ok, when a woman say no, it means no. But treating a man like garbage, even with good intention isn’t fair or honest. He’s supposed to support, he’s supposed to provide, he’s suppose to take care of the woman he loves and build a family. But thanks to your stuck up attitude that you can do anything that a man does, your movement robbed men’s role in society. That role isn’t for you! Your role is taking care of his and your kids needs.