Photography on a Budget: This is Why You Should Watermark Your Work

Rohan Anderson, a not so well-known photographer from Australia becomes the most respected man in the Internet because of an arrogant act by a not so well known band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus for posting a photo that Rohan shoot, cropped the watermark and claimed it as their own on the Facebook page.

Here’s the complete story of what it went down from there.

The thing is all photographers, beginners and pros should do one important thing after they spend considerate amount of hours finding the right scene, lightning, people and all that. Watermark your work! Not only it protects you against scumbags like this band, but your work will get noticed because they would know who took the photo and perhaps you can get a gig or get more clients to your business. Rohan Anderson did the right thing in notify the band with politeness and respect when the band did the opposite of how should not act. Many photographers encounter situations where they’re not appreciated in the business. Musicians and other “art” moguls think that photographers are just to take pictures and leave it at that. But let me tell you something, when musicians do their cover albums, it doesn’t show their name on a black cardboard. It has their image or other images associated with the artist that a photographer took it at its studio. When they perform, who gets contacted? The photographer, of course to deliver crisp, vibrant and impressive photos for the press. Not some silly wanna be taking concert photos using his Iphone. Every memory, photographers are there to grab that minute and deliver to your household for you to remember every single moment.

That’s why it’s very essential to put your name on the picture for protection every time. And also copyright your work in cases like this suffice into your view. At least Rohan Anderson have a happy ending after all by receiving his payment for all the trouble these douchebags had caused.