Seriously? For That? There’s Something Odd About Elliot

Two days ago a disgruntled, scorned 22 year virgin committed a shooting spree near the University of California in Santa Barbara killing 7 and injuring 13 before taking his own wasted life. As I continue to find out who that person was, it makes no sense of that whole reasons behind it. Mostly, when these people execute their plans to slaughter human beings, which some are in the wrong place at the wrong time, it’s just revenge of a world went wrong to these felons and also the lack of mental health care could be prevented in the majority of them. But what does not compute is this guy, Elliot Rodger, the son of a wealthy executive director from the film adaptation blockbuster “The Hunger Games” didn’t have no control over his erratic behavior as he posted a video on youtube discussing why he’s going to shoot without mercy. That’s what I’m very puzzled about for the last couple of hours. A boy who drives a BMW who maybe have a good life complained about the rejection of women he “suffered” ever since he hit puberty with creepy laughs followed by his wicked ideas to eliminated girls in the University he studied seems to me that his delirious of grandeur were too high for this fella.

Read the Complete Transcript of Rodger "Retribution"

In the era of One Night Stands, FWB, Swingers, and Open Relationships, this guy could find love someplace else. Maybe, his arrogant and creepy attitude scared girls left and right. Maybe he was thinking way up high in getting a beach blonde bimbo who didn’t think common sense except being a trophy wife. Maybe he don’t know how to approach a girl right to start a conversation which is very frustrating from boys these days in a dawn of Feminism. But that’s not the right excuse for ending the lives of 7 people in a outburst Friday night! He could just go to Nevada, pay a freaking hooker and get over with without fuzz. Why boys lacked direction these days? I can’t call this guy a man because basically he obviously didn’t have sex, and obviously didn’t got married and yes, didn’t have the cojones to suck it up and deal with it in the real world. He was just a damaged soul who needed assistance, while his parents were enjoying “The Hunger Games” franchise, didn’t have the time on their busy schedule to spend time with him at least to find out what’s going wrong in his weak corrupted mind and at least get the treatment he needed. They have the money! They could get him institutionalized temporarily and it might as well avoid this tragedy. If they did that, “their odds could be in their favor.” Instead, it’s all against them as they could be preparing for the huge amounts of civil lawsuits, if there’s any by the victim’s families and the bad publicity they will encounter.