The Nerve of Some People!

Yesterday while I was working on my shift around 4:30pm my co-worker along with a customer came in asking about an incident involving a hit a run in the parking lot. She asked everybody who was the owner of a gray van that was parked in the back of the store. Sadly, it turned out to be my van as soon as I left my station to go in and checked.




So, here’s a few problems with this. This person who caused it, should be having the courage and the responsibility to go in and tell the manager about the incident or call the police and let them handle the case. But that wasn’t the case as I know this person don’t have insurance of any kind. Instead, I do. Sadly, I don’t have full coverage, I only have Liability instead and it doesn’t cover hit and run. So, in order to make this bumper fixed I have to pay $54.00 a month instead of $24.00 from my insurer or pay aprox. $200.00 or something to fix it which I don’t have.

Another issue, the lack of cameras outside the building. We have cameras inside the store in cases of theft or car accidents involving cars getting inside the store (we had those incidents three times last year) but the store had a blind spot in the parking lot where incidents like this or perhaps more dangerous incidents could be happening at any moment.

Last and more important, the lack of evidence. If I go to the police station, what I’m gonna tell them? That some jackass scraped my bumper and left and don’t know who that person is because I was doing my shift inside the store? I could write a police statement, but without proof and evidence, it’s not going nowhere. At least the only clue  I got was the car was white. That’s all I know.

So to the irresponsible piece of junk who did this. Bravo! You got away with it! Perhaps it was a silly plastic bumper, but one day when you hit something very serious than plastic, you will know that sooner or later everything will be catching up to you and you will be paying a lot, including your freedom that you take it so granted. Have a very nice day, douchebag!