New Photos for the Taking!

Frankly I need you to support me. Yes, I have a regular job but I love photography and want to give it a try just for a good cause. You see, thanx to Obamacare I’m forced to get health insurance. And now I have a few debts to pay to almost $253.00 I’m stuck in a bind here. I’m not here for donations or anything just visit my Imagekind page and choose hundreds of photos that I did plus I uploaded new ones today which are very pretty.

Any money you spend helps me a lot of paying my bills, plus it gives me a reason to keep on doing and perfecting on what I do. Who knows, maybe I could set up a shop someday or some new and exciting projects. Thanks for following my blog!

Anyway Remember the last post I make about using Neutral Density? I think I finally nailed it!


Have a Nice Awesome Wednesday!