Girl’s Worst Nightmare

I just can’t understand why humans are so, so evil. 16-year-old Alexis Carter who her role model was Rihanna, made a dress that her idol featured at the Echo Awards in 2010 at her Hollywood Theme Prom in Baltimore.

She was ecstatic that she will nail that dress and be like her. She took photos of herself at the prom and had fun posting it on her Facebook or Twitter.

But her happiness, turned into horror when she checked at her Twitter account with massive amounts of replies from strangers making fun of her dress and labeled her “Darkwing Duck”. And that’s not all, Rihanna caught her attention but not what it was expected when she posted Alexis and her photo of the dress and ask “who wore it better.” Not only that, she compare Alexis dress with the symbol of WuTang Clan.

Alexis is surely devastated. She stated after all this aftermath: “I started crying at first, and when it went viral I was so stressed out that I didn’t want to go to school, when Rihanna posted that photo it made it 10 times worse. The whole reason I wore [the jumpsuit] was because I love her. She was my motivation, and I was so shocked. She had to really think about it to make and post a picture about it. That’s overboard and tells me a lot about her. She’s nasty, and she really desecrated my name.” 

I just wonder if she kills herself because of all this heartless bullying can Rihanna or the people who bullied her have a conscience? I mean, don’t get me wrong, a whore that sings with the help of autotune, who doesn’t have dignity and advise girls to go back to the guy who beats the hell out of her all while smoking weed, and dancing like a street hooker isn’t exactly a positive role model. Also a bully with no class don’t have no right, just because she have millions, to denigrate Alexis to a pulp. If for the sake of one fan, to motivate to do great things by saying positive words to gain more fans was her intention, that would be good. But she did the opposite which it was her arrogant attitude speaking up at her. And you wonder, why there’s no role models that Black girls can be identify with?

I hope that Alexis Carter find her own voice and identity through connecting with her family and friends that help her during this crisis. She definitely could sue Rihanna for defamation of character, but then again that would be overboard. Alexis it’s NOT your fault that you put your family through all this! Blame society and this whore for that! Keep your head HIGH, little girl!